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MISSION STATEMENT - Lucky Ladybugs for Lupus strives to 1) raise public awareness about the disease of lupus and 2) raise funds for lupus research. Lucky Ladybugs for Lupus will especially focus our efforts towards children and young adults with lupus. Our hope is to make every effort to help those who remain undiagnosed to receive treatment and to work diligently to increase funding for lupus research so that a cure may be found.

HISTORY - Thank you to Snapshots of Lupus for this information

Lucky Ladybugs for Lupus began in 1999 in Sparks, Nevada. Trevor and Kristal liked to make items to sell at their mom Jodi's craft fair. They donated their earnings to a local animal shelter. When the children learned that their friend Diana's mom (Bobbie) had lupus, they decided to do something to help. They came up with the idea of Lucky Ladybugs for Lupus, and set a goal of $1000 by Christmas, 1999. They began to sell their bugs at a local drug store and a craft store.

The local television station heard about the kids and their project and did a story about the kids and their ladybugs. They were awarded the Jefferson Award for Public Service. In four short months, they raised $1300. They saw an article about "Make a Difference Day", which is sponsored by USA Today. Kristal decided to enter the Ladybug project, and guess what? They were awarded one of ten national $10,000 Grand Prizes from Paul Newman, and his company, "Newman's Own"! In April 2000, they went to Washington, DC, to receive their "Make a Difference" award from country music artist and child advocate Collin Raye. The money was donated to the Lupus Foundation of America. Next, Kristal and Diana went to Walt Disney World for the Millennium Dreamers and were guests on the Donny and Marie Show, while Trevor returned to Washington, DC to receive the National Jefferson Award. In addition, Warner Brothers featured the kids and their project in a special Pokemon promotion called "The Difference of One", which told about how just one person can make a difference!

Trevor and Kristal along with their mom, Jodi, and their friend, Diana, have decided to move on to other fundraising projects. Through the Lucky Ladybugs for Lupus, they met a young boy named Trevan who has lupus. He and his mom were very excited about the project and were anxious to get involved! Trevan and his brothers will be busy painting ladybugs this coming year. Trevan's mom, Kristin, feels that this is a positive way to help Trevan and his family to deal with having a chronic illness. It is exciting to see that one or two people really can make a difference!